There are many issues that come under the umbrella of Environment. As I have been knocking on doors and asking people about their concerns, many residents put the Environment as one of their major concerns. Whether its land preservation, climate change, renewable energy, or any other issue related to the environment, the people of District 19 are very concerned.

On a recent questionnaire I received and answered, I was alarmed to know that “more than two-thirds of trash placed in our waste system is recyclable, and the overall amount of trash could be limited through better practices and policy.” We must do a better job of educating our community on the importance of recycling.

Here are some of the responses I gave on the questionnaire:

  • I have always been concerned with sewage run off, especially in our lakes, rivers and Chesapeake Bay. I will support legislation that will hold each municipality accountable for their treatment plants.
  • I do support the strengthening the RPS to reach 50% renewable energy by 2030. I would also support clean energy job-training, provided that funds are available without additional taxation.
  • I support funding the Bay Restoration Fund and support both point source and non-point source policies to reduce sewage run off.
  • I oppose restrictions limiting the development of wind farms in Maryland, both onshore and offshore.
  • I support Maryland clean energy job campaign.
  • I support the ban of chlorpyrifos.
  • I support the ban on Polystyrene food service products