Gerrymandering and Term Limits

When I watched Governor Hogan’s State of the State speech in February I was disappointed to see the Democrats sit in silence when the Governor spoke about putting partisanship and self-interest aside and asked them to join together with the overwhelming majority of Marylanders to end the practice of partisan gerrymandering in Maryland. Gerrymandering is plain wrong, whether it’s in a blue state or red state.

When I look at District 19, I see three distinct areas with 3 distinct issues. We have the area of Derwood, parts of Olney, Flower Valley and Manor that are mostly upper-middle class. We have Leisure World with those who are over 55 and many different issues and concerns and we have the part of Silver Spring that consists of a large Hispanic community with another distinct set of issues. I am in support of single party districts so instead of having to vote for 3 delegates in a District, we would divide the districts into three parts and have one delegate from each district. Since there are many single delegate districts already, it would make the system more consistent and have more of a representative government.

I am also in favor of term limits. The voters in Montgomery County made clear by their overwhelming support of term limits on the County Council. Let’s to the same thing in the Legislature. After all, the job is considered a part-time job anyway and not intended as a lifelong career.