Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is an issue that has touched nearly every family, every business, every community in Montgomery County.

This epidemic affects us all, regardless of how old we are, our economic status, or the color of our skin. We must do more to save our community from the ravages of drugs. This is a fight that we must undertake and it is a fight that we must win. 
We must not only stop the continued escalation of opioid abuse but we must reverse the trend. Our futures will be determined by the actions that we take today. As the next Delegate from District 19, I will make combating drug addiction a top priority. I will work with Governor Hogan and continue to fight everyday for these changes:
* I will work with local governments to see that they secure adequate resources to fight this epidemic in the communities who are most vulnerable but are often under served. 
* I will fight to secure valuable resources for not only our police officers to combat the drugs on the street but will also work to fund those who provide valuable treatment to the addict themselves. We must support rehabilitation for the addict. We must see that every person who suffers from drug addiction has swift and adequate access to treatment regardless of their socio-economic status.  
* We must develop stricter guidelines for prescription drugs and increase accountability for those involved in abusing the process. Authorities must recommit to prosecuting those who put drugs into the hands of our citizens. I will look to strengthen laws that impose harsher penalties not only on the street level dealers but also upon the doctors who over prescribe and “Big Pharma”. The irresponsible and criminal actions of doctors and Big Pharma must also be addressed. They must be made to provide solutions - and money - to clean up the mess that they have helped to create. Every person or corporation who has responsibility for this epidemic must be prosecuted and the law must reflect this. 
As your Delegate, I will work with Governor Hogan to fight the scourge of drugs and its devastating effects on Montgomery County.